Inspired by Mother Nature’s geometric hexagonal form, Graphenex UK Limited is developing a new, instantly recognisable, ultra-compact Graphene Hexagonal Supercapacitor.

New renewable energy storage

With its unique geometric form our ultra-compact Graphene Hexagonal Supercapacitors will provide high energy storage for a number of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy, this worldwide market which is now moving towards grid-less micro generation systems will efficiently and economically store electrical energy for use when the sun or wind does not produce Green Energy or during power outages which are now becoming more frequent due to severe weather changes, other factors which are driving this new industry are the ever rising costs of generated electricity coupled with less than attractive feed in tariffs.

Current battery technology

Although chemical batteries have provided storable energy for many years they all suffer similar problems : They are very heavy, have long charging times, diminishing storage capacity which over time leads to short service life, the inability to sustain large repeatable discharge currents, suffers reduced energy capacity when subjected to lower temperatures, safety issues require ventilation and are unkind to the environment.

New Graphene Supercapacitor Technology

Graphene Hexagonal Supercapacitors overcome these problems as they meet environmental standards, they can be stored anywhere in any orientation, can be packaged in a honeycomb configuration which significantly reduces storage space, can be fully charged in minutes rather than hours, can provide very large discharge currents without sustaining damage, have infinite charge / discharge cycles (typically 500,000+) will operate effectively at minus 40C, have low operating temperatures, have no chemical reactions therefore will not explode even if overcharged, have low impedance characteristics therefore are suitable for pulse current handling methods, require simple charging methods.

Graphene Properties

  • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable
  • The only element in the Periodic Table that is one atom thick
  • 97% Transparent
  • Electron Mobility; 100 times faster than silicon
  • Extremely hard, lightweight and stronger than a diamond, more elastic than rubber
  • Twice as hard as steel and lighter than aluminium
  • 1/6th of the weight of steel
  • Has 10 times the tensile strength of steel
  • Extremely good conductor of electricity and heat, conducts electricity 13 times faster than copper
  • Surface area of 2,500 square metres / gram with 3 million layers per mm