Hex-Cap Battery Booster

The classic Flat Battery which creates misery for millions of drivers has been with us since the invention of the automobile however despite many advances in automobile technology Flat Batteries are still very common particularly when freezing temperatures are involved therefore with insufficient power in your car battery you now have to resort to jump starting by one of several methods all of which require you to get out of your car, lift the bonnet and then connect another form of battery power, there are of course a number of portable battery boosters on the market which will get the engine running however for disabled drivers this is often very difficult if not impossible to use as it again requires getting out of your car and lifting the bonnet.

No more flat Batteries

To overcome all of these problems we relied upon the remarkable properties of Hexagonal Supercapacitors which can charge and discharge very large amounts of electrical energy within seconds therefore by operating a simple push button your car will instantly start whilst you remain in the driver’s seat, having started your engine your car’s charging system will then automatically recharge the Hexagonal Supercapacitors in seconds in readiness for the next time it is required therefore if your cold engine stalls before your car’s battery is fully charged you can simply re-start it again! furthermore the life of your old car battery can be significantly extended because once your engine is started by our Hex Cap Battery Booster your car will then run normally even with an old worn out battery.


  • Fully Automatic, Driver remains in car (ideal for Disabled Divers)
  • Instant push button re-start
  • Road side assistance or Portable Booster devices not required
  • Ready for next restart within 30 seconds
  • Extends the life of a weak car battery
  • Operates in very low temperatures (- 40 degrees C)
  • Installed under passenger / driver’s seat